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The Torbay Acupuncture Centre

Acupuncture and the Seasons

Acupuncture & Winter
Acupuncture and Winter. The Torbay Acupuncture Centre (Torbay Acu), in Torbay, Devon. The Torbay Acupuncture Centre acupuncture clinic provided professional acupuncture treatments to clients within and around the Torbay are of Devon. These are'a include Torquay, Pagnton, Brixham and Teignmouth. 0

Living With Winter

Acupuncture and Autumn. The Torbay Acupuncture Centre, Torbay, Devon. 0

Living With Autumn

Western Medicine

Water Element
Water Element. The water type, five element acupuncture treatment. The water element and acupuncture, the Torbay Acupuncture Centre, Devon.

The Kidneys

Western Diagnosis of the Kidneys The Kidneys are positioned at the back of the internal cavity of the abdomen underneath ...